Free Downloadable Games

Chicken Invaders 3

Stave off the greatest chicken threat!


Solve an ancient mystery!

Gold Miner Vegas

How much gold can you grab?

Daycare Nightmare

Baby monsters need love too!

The Price is Right

Come on down! Play in Contestant's Row.

Cake Mania

Bake those cakes as fast as you can.

Abra Academy™

Help Wanda and her friends graduate!

Cryptex of Time

A perfect mix of mind thrilling puzzles.

The Stone of Destiny

Awaken the Stone of Destiny.

Buku Kakuro

A Kakuro game for all levels of play!

Build-a-lot 2: Town of the Year

Build a booming town in the hit sequel.

Penny Puzzle

Piece together worldly puzzles!

Ice Cream Mania

Win the ice cream inheritance war.

Caribbean Treasures

A Caribbean matching sensation!

Tumblebugs 2

Save your beetle buddies.


Flip houses for big profits!

Remedy Strategy Guide

Enrich the Remedy experience, the strategy guide!

Hidden Expedition Titanic

Dive into the past!

Buku Sudoku

A deluxe version of the latest puzzle craze!

Diamond Drop 2

Diamonds are a mole's best friend.

Crazy Eggs

Help T-Rex collect the Crazy Eggs!

Trivia Machine

Scale the knowledge ladder today.

Star Defender 4

There`s a new war raging in the galaxy!

Bugged Out

Bugs everywhere!


Fresh and innovative matching game!

Great Escapes Solitaire Collection

A dozen kinds of fun!

Jewels of Cleopatra

Puzzling hidden tombs and catacombs!

Mystery Solitaire: Secret Island

You're cast away on Secret Island.


Water the plants&make all things bloom!

High Seas - The Family Fortune

Use jewel power to fuel a magic ship.


Unravel cute little spiders!

Hoyle Enchanted Puzzles

Help a young wizard fulfill her destiny.
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